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Dark: A Netflix Original Series

      If you’ve read my earlier posts, you will know how k-drama centric my topics are as I have recently been obsessing with my neighboring country’s arts and culture. Although of course...


holloween kdrama style

It’s that spooky time of the year again, folks! And I’m quite excited that my first mandatory in-season post will be about my favorite holiday! Yay!


how i became a koreaboo (part 2)

But the good thing about Netflix is they add their recommendation once you finish watching an episode. So, still reeling from GMC, I immediately started on the recommended show which was Playful Kiss.



A couple of months back, I discovered EXO. Yup, I jumped the kpop bandwagon! But EXO was not the first korean music I listened to. I got into the kdrama scene around about this...



And so the husband and I finally decided to get inked. Warning. If you’re not into cheesy, lovey-dovey stuff, turn away right now. You have been warned!



So, what do I wanna write about? If you follow me, you will soon realize how true to myself my site title is. Or maybe I just suck at creating titles.